Welcome to Myriad Interactive. We design and develop beautiful websites and mobile applications.

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Who We Are

Myriad Interactive was founded in 2003. We wanted to set our own rules, work with great people, and hone our skills to make an impact in the digital landscape. With nearly two decades of experience in Internet strategy, graphic design, experience design, and software development, Myriad is well equipped to help your company increase brand awareness, generate revenue and foster stronger relationships with your customers, employees and partners.

Our Clients



Creativity is at the heart of everything we do. We have extensive branding, prototyping, graphics, and user interface design experience.

User Experience (UX)

We apply design thinking to every business challenge and strive to create user experiences that are beautiful, intuitive, and engaging.


Motion brings projects to life. We have an extensive portfolio of both 2D and 3D animations ranging from product demos to ballpark animations.

Web Application Development

We have the technology chops that bring ideas to life and solve business challenges. Our in-house engineering team will architect, build, test, and deploy your solution.

Web Accessibility

We're passionate about accessibility. Making your website accessibile expands your audience and provides a better experience for all users.

DevOps Engineering

Reliable solutions are backed by continuous delivery, infrastructure management, system administration, and ongoing support.

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